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Guyatone Guitar effects pedals
Guyatone Guitar effects pedals Guyatone Guitar effects pedals
Guyatone Guitar effects pedals
Guyatone Guitar effects pedals Guyatone Guitar effects pedals
Guyatone Guitar effects pedals

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Guyatone Micro Effects Series Pedals

 OD-2 Overdrive  

Requires Flash plug-in


Guitar Player Pick Award 



Over the years overdrives have become the "pedal of choice" for Rock and Blues purists looking to re-create the Guitar tones of their heroes. Extremely versatile, they can be used to add grit to a clean guitar sound, boost a solo, or to drive the front end of a tube amplifier harder. The problem is that most overdrives mask your guitar's original tone, leaving a boxy-sounding, overly compressed signal with poor low end and no dynamic responsiveness.

The Guyatone OD-2 Overdrive was designed to eliminate these inherent problems. The OD-2's circuit is based on the vintage "Tubescreamer" design with a few changes that offer marked improvements. The OD-2 features the JRC 9449G IC chip - the in-line equivalent to the legendary JRC 4558 IC that was a key element in the sound of the original Tubescreamer. This IC is smoother and less harsh-sounding than other versions, giving the OD-2 the same warm, tube-like voice as a vintage 'screamer.

Unlike many overdrives, the OD-2 has no tone control. We've found that fewer components equal better sound reproduction, and by eliminating the tone circuit the original guitar signal is reproduced more accurately. The result: Smooth, transparent, non-compressed overdrive that responds to picking dynamics and "cleans up" when the guitar volume is lowered. In addition, the OD-2 is voiced with more low-end than a Tubescreamer, giving it a bigger, thicker bottom than other Overdrive units.

If you need tube tone without tube-amp hassles, the OD-2 is the next best thing!

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