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Godlyke Distributing Inc.
    PO Box 3076
    Clifton, NJ 07012

At Guyatone, our primary goal is to design products that meet the needs of the working musician. Whether it be the innovative simplicity of our Micro Effects Series (the most compact, professional quality effects available), or our ingenious Speed Cable that offers acoustic musicians a viable alternative to on-board preamps, Guyatone is constantly working to make the life of the performing artist easier. After all, musicians shouldn't have to wade through confusing user manuals or untangle complex wiring diagrams. Musicians should be doing what they do best: Making music.

mighty micro Series Effects
Micro Effects Series
Flip Series Tube Effects
Optical Series Effects
PT-21 Chromatic Tuner
MT-3 Micro Tuner
Guyatone Speed Cables
FZ-2000 Fuzz 2000